Value of establishing the KSC platform


Especially in these times it is very important that we join forces through the right cooperation. Sharing our general information in order to strengthen our Dutch position in the world is an important part of this. Look at ASML how they managed to conquer their place in the semiconductor market, by working together with many suppliers from the Dutch manufacturing industry. The KSC platform joins forces by collecting and bringing information, together to the day of tomorrow. The new future is the new future, do we dare? Why not, what’s stopping us? Being overtaken by others? Dare and participate to let the KSC platform fly. On to an even brighter future.

KMG was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs collaboration with TNO a SWOT analysis of strategic value chains.

The KSC is also conducting research into the value of collaboration in together with the TUe. By means of interviews with various companies within the Dutch manufacturing industry, we want to obtain an overview of the right cooperation possibilities. The challenge is “Bringing the design and manufacturing industry together” into a well-oiled machine. 

With the aim of “Making first time right products together”.

Research proposal KSC TU/e: LINK

The results of this will become available at the beginning of the coming year. KSC will guarantee a future for us.

Gear knowledge


Van Eijk transmission was the first company that dared to investigate their internal knowledge to see if it strengthens them as a company. We as KSC are proud to be able to offer you part of this information.

Hereby we offer a link to Craft-Education where modules can be followed on gear science.


We can conclude that this KSC 002 project has gone well and has delivered a lot. If your company is also looking forward to such a challenge, please let us know. We would like to thank everyone who supported this project for their contribution.
On this website you can see how such a knowledge process has progressed.


On to the next challenge.

Kennis borgen en delen


Storing knowledge must be done before you can start the knowledge sharing process.

The KSC needs limits on manufacturing processes to reduce the bridge between designer and manufacturing companies. But we discovered that internal knowledge assurance had to be started before you could discover what knowledge you could share. So we start an investigation to discover how such a process would work.

A specially designed website must provide an overview of how and why and with stories from entrepreneurs but also organizations that have already started this process.

Here some interesting topics:

  • The team presented the approach during the precision fair of 2019. We have recorded this and can therefore be looked back. Go to the website and click on “VIEW LATEST EVENT”.

  • A magazine has been created especially for this topic where all the stories are covered.
  • Substantiation by TU/e.
    Dr. Josette M. P. Gevers substantiated and described the approach. Download
  • We also made the approach visual with two animations.
    Knowledge Securing

    Knowledge Sharing
  • Do you also want to get started?
    Start your project with us.

Presence Precision fair 2018


This trade fair presence was all about discussion about sharing knowledge. In collaboration with HVL Metaalbewerking, we had set up a picnic table where we invited people to talk together about the meaning of knowledge sharing. The screen was programmed with questions to get the discussion about knowledge sharing going.

It turned out to be a great success. Knowledge sharing is important to jointly open the way to even better cooperation.

On to a further development of the Knowledge Sharing Center.

Meeting November 31, Rabobank Utrecht


Rabobank hosted a special new initiative in the manufacturing industry.

Active knowledge sharing between OEMs, manufacturing companies, engineering companies and knowledge institutes is necessary to increase the effectiveness of the innovation.

17 Companies debated whether this initiative could be feasible.
The outcome was unanimously yes.

By discussing knowledge sharing with each other, we arrived at an unambiguous decision through four groups. We go on.

KSC Event 25 Mei 2018


The KSC, together with Rabobank Zuid, has organized an event where knowledge sharing was an important item. During this event we will be guest at Craft Education and De Metaalzaak in Deurne.

All details about this event can be found on the following website:

A lot of useful information that will bring your organization further to the digitization strategy of your organization.

Did you miss this event? No worries, everything can be viewed through our filmed information blocks.

Day experience.

The KCCEvent which took place on Friday 25 May 2018 was a great success. The maximum registration number of 80 people had been reached. The weather was fantastic and the atmosphere was great. Lunch and dinner was really delicious thanks to ‘De Snackbar’ Deurne. Geert Bukkems of the ‘Peel pioneers’ kicked off and took care of the introduction of each speaker. Various speakers will then take the stage, from knowledge sharing through explanation industry 4.0 to digitization and financial investment will be explained in detail.

The next day interviewing was on the agenda. Of course it was all about the great event day.

Scroll further and watch all the videos of this great day.


Event Flyer

Event Badge

Event FlyerEvent BadgeBadge made by
Lasertechnology Janssen

Event Interviews

Knowledge Sharing Centre Arno Sprengers
Craft-Education Roy van Bussel
DeMetaalZaak Harm Walda

Information blocks

1. Opening word of the day chairman.
Geert Bukkems – Peelpioniers
2. Knowledge sharing within the KSC.
Arno Sprengers – KSC
3. Sharing knowledge within your organization and deploying CBT training courses.
Roy van Bussel – Craft-Education
4. Digitizing within your organization, what does that look like?
Maarten van Teeffelen – CNC-Consult
5. Automatic measurement from a digital file.
Peter van Lierop – KMWE
6. Making your factory digital, what’s involved?
Jan van Frankenhuyzen – Industrieslijperij van Frankenhuyzen
7. Full 3D designs. And then no more drawing?
Leo Broers – ASML
8. Machining tools within your digital factory.
Ronny Booijink – Sandvik
9. Investment for digitizing.
Kees de Schipper – Rabobank

Photos during the event.





Roadshow Verspanen


Together with the Mikrocentrum we organized a meeting about clean machining.
The importance of PMI and clean machining for ASML.”

Product and manufacturing information (PMI) is used in 3D CAD and product development systems to convey design information for manufacturing. PMI includes information such as geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), text annotations, surface finish and material specifications.

During the delivery of a design, manufacturing choices are made, the introduction of these choices in the model (dimensions) is very effective.




Karin Mous, Mikrocentrum)
Handing over the award for the best question to ASML at Paul Brant from ILT Fineworks BV.

Picture from Gerard ten Bulte van Vraag & Aanbod


Knowledge Sharing Centre

Arno Sprengers, ASML
Presentation of the Knowledge Sharing Centre.

Picture from Gerard ten Bulte van Vraag & Aanbod

Digitization gives the time for human effort.

Presentatie KSC

RGA specifications ASML

John Stegeman, ASML
Explanation about the specifications of cleanliness.

Picture from Gerard ten Bulte van Vraag & Aanbod

Presentation RGA specifications.

Verspanen, waar houd je rekening mee

Hans van Brussel, Teclab

Picture from Gerard ten Bulte van Vraag & Aanbod

Presentation manufacturing and cleaning for ASML; EUV products.

Movie machining: Criteria for a perfect product

Cleaning for grade 2

Hans Cools, Innovar Cleaning Control

Picture from Gerard ten Bulte van Vraag & Aanbod

Presentation machining and cleanliness

Case story

Adwin Kannekens, Wilting

Picture from Gerard ten Bulte van Vraag & Aanbod

Story from the practice of Wilting.

With PMI to the drawing-free era

Wim Ottenhoff, Settels Savenije Group

Picture from Gerard ten Bulte van Vraag & Aanbod

Presentation PMI


PMI in practice

Hans Derks, CNC Consult

Picture from Gerard ten Bulte van Vraag & Aanbod

Presentation PMI in practice for CAM and CAI


Guided tour ASML Experience Center




Knowledge sharing Evening 12 December 2017


Innovate and collaborate by sharing knowledge.

During this evening we were guests at ‘Van Eijk Transmissie’ in Asten. We would like to thank ‘Van Eijk Transmissie’ for their hospitality and being main contractor of the KSC 002 project.
During the ‘Precision fair 2017’ we invited everybody for this evening. The registrations was huge, fifty people had signed in even more was not possible because of the available space.


More information you can find in the KSC brochure.

Do not forget to give your opinion. GO

The program of this evening was:


A welcome by Frans van Hoof owner of the ‘Van Hoof group’.

Presentation ‘Van Hoof Groep’.

Evening introduction

Evening introduction by Geert Bukkems of ‘The Peel Pioneers’.

Evening introduction presentation.

Knowledge sharing centre and oZone

Explanation of the Knowledge Sharing Centre by Arno Sprengers and explanation of oZone by Jeroen van de Vorst.

Arno Sprengers (Initiator Knowledge Sharing Centre)

Knowledge Sharing Centre presentation.

Jeroen van de Vorst (Adviseur e-learning a+o metalektro)

oZone presentation.
oZone movie.

KSC 002 project

Explanation of the KSC 002 project by Kevin Sprengers, Roy van Bussel and Frans van Hoof.

KSC 002 movie.

KSC 002 magazine.

Read more about this project.

Kevin Sprengers (Student Fontys)

KSC 002 presentation.

Roy van Bussel (Owner Craft BSP Bookstore and Craft Education)

Presentation knowledge transfer.

Frans van Hoof

Frans van Hoof thanks Kevin Sprengers for his great commitment during this project. Frans describes this project as very valuable for the company.

Knowledge sharing needs from ASML

Knowledge sharing needs from ASML by Frido van der Blij.
Because of illness, Frido was replaced by Christian Liedecke.

Christian Liedecke (Architect ASML EUV WS/ESC/WTC)

“ASML invents, develops, manufactures and services advanced technology for high-tech lithography, metrology and software solutions for the semiconductor industry. This leads to the continuation of Moore’s Law towards ever smaller, cheaper, more powerful and energy efficient microchips.

NXE:3500 is the next generation of EUV lithography tooling. It’s coming with improved performance, more productivity and increased system availability. The NXE:3500 scanner is large, not only in occupied fab volume, but mainly in terms of required development and production resources. For this reason it’s more than ever of substantial importance to have an open minded and close collaboration between ASML and its customers/suppliers.

Lessons learned, created design rules and effective competence management will be used during the product generation process (PGP). Manufacturing competences and capabilities will play an essential part in this. And it’s truly believed that bi-directional knowledge sharing between ASML and suppliers makes partnership more successful, which great benefits on both sides.

ASML can’t do it alone…not ever…certainly not now.

Knowledge and fun will be Moore when sharing it.

By Christian Liedecke”

Start your Grow Engines

Presentation about collaboration by Carl Heskes. (Chairman MKB Eindhoven)

Presentation ‘Sart your Grow engines.



See also.

Net working

Talk about what knowledge sharing could bring us.

Guided tour of the Van Eijk factory. Also see


Your opinion counts

We would like to ask your opinion about the Knowledge Sharing Center. You can help us by answering a few questions.

Your opinion

Using a VR movie


Present your organization by use a VR movie.

As a trial, the Knowledge Sharing Center, together with the Peelpioneers, converted the Van Eijk Transmission factory into a VR movie. A perfect way to present your factory, give an introduction to your factory. You give your customer a closer look into your factory by showing your machinery.

Recording the VR movie.

Presenting during the Precision Fair.


Walk through the Van Eijk Transmission factory.


Thanks to the cooperation with VR-Master, we were able to realize this project.

Groot worden zonder groeien.

Getting big without growing.

This book is an appeal to companies to compete from sharing knowledge. Collaboration will only become more important in the future. Knowledge Sharing Centre is mentioned as an example.

Owning knowledge ‘knowledge is power’ is replaced by sharing knowledge ‘knowledge sharing is increasing’.

You can order this manifest at

ISBN: 9789491197789