About us

The purpose of the Knowledge Sharing Center (KSC) is to connect the design and manufacturing industry in a special way in order to increase innovation power.



The Knowledge Sharing Centre is totally independent player. Organizations in the OEM, educational institutions, manufacturing companies and engineering companies can join the platform where they can share know-how and make contact.

Knowledge sharing within the Knowledge Sharing Centre enables each players to make the right decisions, in particular when it comes to the design and manufacturing process.

How does it work?

The KSC consists of 4 pillars: OEMs, Knowledge Institutes, Engineering and Manufacturing companies. These participants (target: 1000 by 2030) will share common knowledge in a platform. This concerns, for example, knowledge about materials, design and construction methods, sizes, tolerances, limits of manufacturing techniques, etc.

A dedicated competence team will collect the knowledge, describe it according to fixed formats and offer it on the platform. Companies and professionals can then find each other on the platform based on knowledge and working methods. This is the motor that leads to bilateral contact, deeper acquaintance and cooperation (in which the company-specific knowledge is used to jointly create a better result than if one of the companies does everything itself sub-optimally). The competence team also has a role in guiding participants and stimulating contact. The Knowledge Institutes fill gaps by formulating answers to fundamental questions and by aligning education and business (educating engineers of the future).

The findability of knowledge and expertise and the accessibility of potential partners in the KSC means efficiency improvement in development and ultimately leads to improvement of design, manufacturing method and products, in other words: faster, cheaper and better innovation through smart collaboration.

Overview of participating companies