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Ensures the transfer of essential knowledge

To a broader follow-up The purpose of the Knowledge Sharing Centre (KSC) is as clear as it is challenging: to share knowledge that normally lingers in the brain or notes…
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How to design parts for AM in machinery

Last Tuesday (September 13, 2022) Additive Center Team took us into the world of Additive Manufacturing, about a hundred attendees enjoyed listening to the substantive story. Additive manufacturing is a…
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KSC Academy

Op 10 mei 2022 zal het eerste KSC Academy Event plaatsvinden. Op acht verschillende locaties kunnen geïnteresseerde aansluiten. Sioux Technologie - Esp Eindhoven Additive Center / Procureon - BIC Eindhoven…
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De Ontwikkeling

Industriële revolutie De industriële revolutie is de overgang van handmatig naar machinaal vervaardigde goederen die gepaard ging met grootschalige organisatorische en sociale veranderingen. De industriële revolutie begon rond 1750 in…
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The Flywheel

Knowledge Sharing Centre Do we enable cross-border collaboration?   In de vorige post vertelde we dat we iets moesten veranderen om tot effectiviteit te kunnen komen. We besloten verschillende divisies…
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How to proceed

Kennisdeling om middels de juiste samenwerking te komen tot betere innovatie, dat was vanaf het begin al de gedachte voor het opstartte van een Knowledge Sharing Centre (KSC). Maar het…
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Research: Knowledge sharing in high-tech industry

Een student van de Technische Universiteit eindhoven heeft de uitdaging "Knowledge sharing in high-tech industry" als opdracht opgepakt. Een hele klus midden in de Covid 19 periode, veel digitale intervies…
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Marketing communication plan

AN EXCITING PLATFORM: THE ROAD TOWARDS INTEGRATION OF THE DUTCH MANUFACTURING CHAIN THROUGH MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS. “A qualitative study into the question of how the Knowledge Sharing Center should organize its…
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Value of establishing the KSC platform

Especially in these times it is very important that we join forces through the right cooperation. Sharing our general information in order to strengthen our Dutch position in the world…
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KSC Wheel

Why a Knowledge Sharing Centre?

Things are running rather smoothly in the high tech manufacturing industry. Even so, this is no guarantee for the future. Collaboration based on knowledge sharing will brings us the new future.

The KSC is the connector between companies from the design and manufacturing industry, which bundles knowledge in an accessible way to achieve joint growth and collaborations on a trusted basis.

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