Value of establishing the KSC platform


Especially in these times it is very important that we join forces through the right cooperation. Sharing our general information in order to strengthen our Dutch position in the world is an important part of this. Look at ASML how they managed to conquer their place in the semiconductor market, by working together with many […]

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Gear knowledge


Van Eijk transmission was the first company that dared to investigate their internal knowledge to see if it strengthens them as a company. We as KSC are proud to be able to offer you part of this information. Hereby we offer a link to Craft-Education where modules can be followed on gear science. Go We […]

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Kennis borgen en delen


Storing knowledge must be done before you can start the knowledge sharing process. The KSC needs limits on manufacturing processes to reduce the bridge between designer and manufacturing companies. But we discovered that internal knowledge assurance had to be started before you could discover what knowledge you could share. So we start an investigation to […]

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Presence Precision fair 2018


This trade fair presence was all about discussion about sharing knowledge. In collaboration with HVL Metaalbewerking, we had set up a picnic table where we invited people to talk together about the meaning of knowledge sharing. The screen was programmed with questions to get the discussion about knowledge sharing going. It turned out to be […]

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Precisiebeurs 2018


The Knowledge Sharing Center will announce cooperation in knowledge sharing. And organize conversations about manufacturability in collaboration with the Mikrocentrum roundtable.

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Meeting November 31, Rabobank Utrecht


Rabobank hosted a special new initiative in the manufacturing industry. Active knowledge sharing between OEMs, manufacturing companies, engineering companies and knowledge institutes is necessary to increase the effectiveness of the innovation. 17 Companies debated whether this initiative could be feasible. The outcome was unanimously yes. By discussing knowledge sharing with each other, we arrived at […]

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KSC Event 25 Mei 2018


The KSC, together with Rabobank Zuid, has organized an event where knowledge sharing was an important item. During this event we will be guest at Craft Education and De Metaalzaak in Deurne. All details about this event can be found on the following website: A lot of useful information that will bring your organization […]

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Roadshow Verspanen


Together with the Mikrocentrum we organized a meeting about clean machining. “The importance of PMI and clean machining for ASML.” PMI: Product and manufacturing information (PMI) is used in 3D CAD and product development systems to convey design information for manufacturing. PMI includes information such as geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), text annotations, surface finish […]

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