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How to design parts for AM in machinery

Last Tuesday (September 13, 2022) Additive Center Team took us into the world of Additive Manufacturing, about a hundred attendees enjoyed listening to the substantive story.

Additive manufacturing is a beautiful technique if you apply it properly and if it is required to be applied. Definitely not a substitute for all other techniques.

Understanding the technique and then applying it properly is essential.
And that is exactly what the Additive Center team would like to help you with, they have the experience with this technique and together you can come up with great challenges.

They would like to help you, click HERE and make direct contact.

You didn’t have the opportunity to listen in? Don’t worry, we’ve recorded everything for you. Use the link below to go to the place where everything can be confessed.

We would like to thank the Team of Additive Center BV (Maarten van Dijk) for sharing their knowledge.
Quickly go to the link below:

  • Here you can find the following.
  • Recording of the presentations.
  • PDF and PPT of the presentation.
  • Additional information about additive manufacturing.
  • Photos taken during the event.



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