Value of establishing the KSC platform

Especially in these times it is very important that we join forces through the right cooperation. Sharing our general information in order to strengthen our Dutch position in the world is an important part of this. Look at ASML how they managed to conquer their place in the semiconductor market, by working together with many suppliers from the Dutch manufacturing industry. The KSC platform joins forces by collecting and bringing information, together to the day of tomorrow. The new future is the new future, do we dare? Why not, what’s stopping us? Being overtaken by others? Dare and participate to let the KSC platform fly. On to an even brighter future.

KMG was commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs collaboration with TNO a SWOT analysis of strategic value chains.

The KSC is also conducting research into the value of collaboration in together with the TUe. By means of interviews with various companies within the Dutch manufacturing industry, we want to obtain an overview of the right cooperation possibilities. The challenge is “Bringing the design and manufacturing industry together” into a well-oiled machine. 

With the aim of “Making first time right products together”.

Research proposal KSC TU/e: LINK

The results of this will become available at the beginning of the coming year. KSC will guarantee a future for us.