Is collaboration also your drive? Do you also believe that together you can go further than alone?

The objective of the KSC is to allow the new future together.

We are looking for companies that want to support our initiative as an innovator. This group of companies or people are the first to want the platform. They believe in the intent of the initiative, embrace it and give it the financial backing it needs. We have created four different innovator participation options for you.

If you support the Knowledge Sharing Center initiative, please let us know and we will contact you.



Consultation Platinum Plus
10.000,– Platinum
5.000,– Gold
1.000,– Silver
750,– Bronze


Number of Innovators


Cost 10.000,00 euro

  1. Thermo Fisher
  2. ASML

Cost 5.000,00 euro

Cost 1.000,00 euro

Cost 750,00 euro

  1. Craft Education