Encoma BV


Within the Benelux region we represent a number of international companies supplying high-quality CNC machines and software systems to the machining industry. These CNC machines and software systems are developed by our partners. Companies rely on us because of our many years of international experience in the industry.

The sales programme includes a large number of CNC machines that can be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements. These include high-precision CNC machines for manufacturing highly complex products needing a high level of precision, and special CNC machines for manufacturing large and complex products. The CNC machines are supplied to companies worldwide, companies where productivity, precision and innovation take the highest priority.

We also offer intelligent software systems enabling machining industry operators to benefit from the advantages of Smart Industry (Industry 4.0). We provide graphical 3D software that lets companies quickly calculate production and downtime, and MES software to optimise the production environment. This software lets companies register and analyse real-time production, machine and tool data, 24/7, offering them better insight into their processes so that they can be organised more flexibly and efficiently. This prevents unexpected surprises, because action can be taken immediately where necessary.


When precision is the next level.