Best Thesis Award and foundation for KSC

Anne Gommers received the best thesis award for her contribution to the knowledge sharing center.


Award ceremony:
Left:          Wendy van der Valk ( W. van der Valk
Academic Director Master Supply Chain Management).
Right:        Anne Gommers


Thesis Anne Gommers


Text by Anne Gommers
(Intern for KSC)

On October 18 2016, I received my Master of Science certificate from Tilburg University. During the graduation ceremony, I was awarded the ‘Best Thesis Award’ for the thesis I wrote for the Knowledge Sharing Centre. Again, I would like to thank everyone who added value to this project and therefore made it possible to receive this amazing prize!



Left:          Anne Gommers
Right:        Bart Vos
NEVI Professor of Purchasing Management Tilburg University”


Text by Bart Vos
(Professor Tilburg University)

As her supervisor, I can only confirm that the Best Supply Chain Management Thesis Award 2016 handed out to Anne Gommers on October 18 was fully deserved. Throughout my career so far I have supervised many, many students during their thesis project, yet Anne clearly was one of a select group of top performers. Anne worked in a very professional, disciplined way on this challenging topic, clearly in control in planning her thesis project and ultimately delivering a thesis with both academic and managerial relevance. Having said that, it would not have been possible for Anne to write such a high-quality thesis without  the valuable input from many people involved with the Knowledge Sharing Centre initiative.  Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all these people for their much appreciated support.



Foto: Links Ellen Gommers (zus) Midden Anne Gommers Rechts Lei Gommers (vader)