KSC Project 002

The KSC Project 002 is a combination of a planetary gear system and a car differential.
A planetary gearbox refers to a gear system in which one or more ‘planet’ gears rotate around a central ‘sun’ gear.
The differential is a device that splits the engine torque two ways, allowing each output to spin at a different speed.

This project is started as a learning project to promotion of technology within the region. The plan is to produce five pieces, three of them are handed over to knowledge institutions.


Project Partners

A great project, realized by the van Hoof group as main contractor. Project lead: Kevin Sprengers.
Supported by many other companies, every company added their own knowledge area.

Complete model

Without protection cover

Protection cover

Van Eijk Transmissie and Craft-Education have put together a course for you so that you can enrich your knowledge about gears.
Good luck taking this course.



Jeroen van Schaik made some beautiful photos of the finished product.

A few useful links for more technical information: