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Manufacturing processes: Adhesive bondings

Is a technique in which two similar, or non similar, substrates are joined using a non-metallic intermediate layer (adhesive).

During the bonding process, the adhesive undergoes a physical or chemical hardening reaction, effectively forming the joint by adhering to the substrate surfaces (adhesion) and generating sufficient internal strength (cohesion).

Lijmacademie B.V.

Knowledge transfer concerning the industrial application of the adhesive technique Glues as a joining technique have undergone rapid development in recent decades. However, knowledge of the industrial application of adhesive…
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ATG Europe

ATG Europe is an engineering and technology development company for high-tech markets. ATG Europe has three business lines: ATG SpaceLabs: complete solutions in thermal, mechanical and thermomechanical engineering of metal…
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VDL GL Precision

VDL GL Precision in Eindhoven heeft zich in de bijna 50 jaar van haar bestaan ontwikkeld tot een gerenommeerde toeleverancier van hoog nauwkeurige fijnmechanische onderdelen en samengestelde modules. VDL GL…
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