The Netherlands Patent Office (Octrooicentrum Nederland)

The Netherlands Patent Office, Octrooicentrum Nederland, implements (inter)national patenting regulations within the Netherlands and promotes the use of patents as a source of information and inspiration. It is a department of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( falling under the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


We grant patents in The Netherlands and maintain the Netherlands Patent Register.


We also offer free of charge and independent support to entrepreneurs, service organisations, scientists, researchers, students and other interested parties in the Netherlands, regarding any queries about patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets and other IP issues. We help you:

  • Search in patent databases to find what others have already developed
  • Use the patent database to monitor competitors
  • Find out patentability of your own inventions
  • How to collaborate without losing your trade secrets
  • Formulate your own IP strategy.


This is done through 1 on 1 meetings with our patent advisors located throughout the country, workshops and orienting searches in the patent database.