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Within the Benelux region we represent a number of international companies supplying high-quality CNC machines and software systems to the machining industry. These CNC machines and software systems are developed by our partners. Companies rely on us because of our many years of international experience in the industry.

The sales programme includes a large number of CNC machines that can be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements. These include high-precision CNC machines for manufacturing highly complex products needing a high level of precision, and special CNC machines for manufacturing large and complex products. The CNC machines are supplied to companies worldwide, companies where productivity, precision and innovation take the highest priority.

We also offer intelligent software systems enabling machining industry operators to benefit from the advantages of Smart Industry (Industry 4.0). We provide graphical 3D software that lets companies quickly calculate production and downtime, and MES software to optimise the production environment. This software lets companies register and analyse real-time production, machine and tool data, 24/7, offering them better insight into their processes so that they can be organised more flexibly and efficiently. This prevents unexpected surprises, because action can be taken immediately where necessary.


When precision is the next level.



Machining tools for professionals

Tailor made high end PCD and PCBN cutting tools.

We tailor your machining tools exactly for your application. By knowing the user well, we deliver the quality you deserve with passion and craftsmanship.

Rodriguez GmbH



Customer requirements, technical feasibility as well as economic efficiency are the main focus of our work. Together with our customers, we are looking at their demands and implement this one in innovative ideas for current and future business areas. Thus new product visions and verified product concepts are created even before the real engineering starts.

Ter Hoek


Precision components and solutions.

From service supplier to problem solver. We produce precision components at our production facilities in Rijssen for clients throughout Europe. 

(P)EDM and Micro Laser manufactor.

To make the right decisions during the development of precision components, knowledge and practical experience are essential. The possibilities for EDM and laser cutting at micro level are endless and the technological developments follow each other in rapid succession.

At Ter Hoek we know our field and we do a great deal to be and remain a leader in that field. We invest in knowledge and technology, because our customers determine how high the bar is set. And we are glad to be of assistance to those customers! Do you have a concrete question about one of our processes? Or would you like to together look at the possibilities to take your processes a step further? We would be happy to meet with you to discuss this.



Exegy develops and produces AeroX heat exchangers for industrial applications. Heating, cooling and heat recovery are possibilities offered by these heat exchangers. AeroX is made of flexible, thin-walled PE tubes to ensure maximum heat transfer. The heat exchanger is resistant to a wide range of liquids and aggressive environments, making corrosion a thing of the past.

KAB Entertainment


KAB Entertainment

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Mifa Aluminium BV


Mifa specialises in the extrusion of magnesium and aluminium profiles.

We produce fully-finished precision products with dimensional tolerances from ±0.02mm.
This level of aluminium extrusion precision means unprecedented possibilities. It gives designers freedom in design, without the restrictions of standard specifications. As a result of this it is possible to achieve the optimum product.

Links to Mifa White papers

Testing knowledge


To validate a design against the requirements, it is important to take the possibility of testing into account when thanking the specification. After all, if a requirement cannot be directly validated (tested), it is necessary to devise methods that approximate the requirement as much as possible. An example of this is the lifetime requirement.

Bathtub curve
Bathtub curve

The FMEA is an important method to discover what needs to be tested.


More info see: Engineering validation test Wikipedia

Value engineering


Value Engineering (VE) can be applied to all phases of the product lifecycle.


VE prevents waste in product design and manufacturing, hereby improving project throughput time and cost. VE is more aiming for the target then focus on the savings. VE is preventing waste in product design and manufacturing, hereby improving project throughput time and cost.

VE is balance Value versus Cost to safeguard future profitability & affordability

Cost price

A designer must know the cost objective and the cost estimate of his or her design.

Approximately 70% of the costs can be influenced at the start of the product design. This cost awareness in the early phase of a design is important to realize a successful product at the desired costs.


  • Cost target

The cost target is in most cases defined in the design assignment or design specification. This in turn is a derivative of what the customer is willing to pay.


  • Cost estimation

In general, the cost of a product is the sum of the material costs plus assembly labor and profit.


Because at the start of the design process it is difficult to determine the costs, the following definitions are used:


Level 1 parametric: an estimate based on prior experience. A quick and dirty way to look at cost is to figure out the mark-up for an industry.


Level 2 analogy: an estimate based on prior experience with similar product with documented rationale.Usual cost can be roughly calculated in cost per mass, vulome or surface. Sometimes extrapolation at a trundling can be used . (€/ kW, €/kg,  €/part … )


Level 3 analytical: a detailed costing calculation.


Also the production volume is influencing the costs to a large extent.


Below an example of a detailed costing model.