Precision Fair 2018

Knowledge management to connecting the design- and manufacturing industry.

Mikrocentrum enables us (KSC) to start a discussion about knowledge sharing during the precise fair. By offering a free exhibition space we are able to start this discussion with different people from the business world.

In order to bring the manufacturing industry and developers closer together, Mikrocentrum and KSC came up with an opportunity for conversations about manufacturing techniques. During two days 16 sessions will take place where an manufacturing expert talkes with a group of designers. This activity is called expert sessions.


Join the discussion during the precision fair 2018?






The Knowledge Sharing Center (KSC) is an initiative that wants to connect the design and manufacturing industry in a special way and realize synergy benefits. After a few years of searching for a good way of working, we have come to the conclusion that knowledge management will be the foundation of this collaboration.

In order to achieve this goal, it is important to provide further insight into the knowledge management that is necessary to be able to work together in the right way.


Knowledge management

Knowledge management is important for the KSC but also for your own organization. Mapping your organization to search for your internal knowledge. Quite difficult but essential for the future of your company. After having found the internal knowledge, it is important to identify which knowledge you want to use internally and which you want to use externally.

Internal knowledge:
Your internal knowledge must be optimally deployed within your own organization. Experts raise the organization to a higher level by distributing their knowledge within the organization in the right way.

External knowledge:
The external knowledge can be used as a marketing tool, implement ability limits in the KSC to be found later to make further agreements on assignments.

Knowledge sharing

By using your knowledge in the right way within the KSC we create a unique connection between the design and manufacturing industry. Your knowledge is the source of your company that your organization should be proud of. Turning part of this knowledge into feasibility limits gives a designer the opportunity to choose the right makeability technique.

Marketing for your process!



Working together is of course the foundation of all success, and optimal cooperation will lead to a joint success. By working together from knowledge sharing we ensure that starting from the right communication it will come to the right technical solutions.

The basis will be to maintain trust in each other and in this approach.