1. Preparation and mixing of the powder
    – Mixing of Wolframcarbid (WC), Cobalt, Nickel or Iron and other Carbides.
    – Homogenising to destroy the agglomerates and increase the sinter activity of the powder.
    – Spray drying to get a flowing granulate with a homogenous density
  1. Pressing / Forming
    Four possibilities of pressing (starting material: granulate):
    – Direct pressing (ca. 2 t/cm2).
    – Iso-static pressing
    – Extrusion
    Metal injection moulding (MIM)
    – Forming (starting material: pressed green body): Machining with a pcd- or diamant coated tool (turning, milling, drilling) or grinding with diamant
  1. Sintering
    – Between 1400 – 1600° C depending on the grade.
    – Change of carbon balance.
    – Sintered carbide is non-porous.
    – Shrinkage of the carbide part between 19 – 30%.
  1. Finishing
    – Grinding, wire-edm, honing, polishing.
    – Inspection
    – Coating

Preparation and mixing
of the powder
Forming / Pressing Sintering Finishing


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