KSC Quiz Sheet metal

  1. Type of material  Correct
  2. Machine type
  3. Tolerance of bending
  1. The composition. Stainless steel 316 contains 2% molybdenum, which makes the material more resistant to crevice, stress and pitting corrosion.  Correct
  2. The molybdenum in the alloy makes 316 more insensitive to chlorides.

  1. 0,3 mm per bend
  2. 0,2 mm per bend  Correct
  3. 0,1 mm per bend
  1. Glass and ceramic beads  Correct
  2. Sand beads
  3. Water
  1. Laser cutting on a special bed.  Correct
  2. Materials can be touched with bare hands.  Correct
  3. Always bend in Kevlar
  4. Specifications of deburring stays the same.