Rodriguez GmbH



Customer requirements, technical feasibility as well as economic efficiency are the main focus of our work. Together with our customers, we are looking at their demands and implement this one in innovative ideas for current and future business areas. Thus new product visions and verified product concepts are created even before the real engineering starts.



Exegy develops and produces AeroX heat exchangers for industrial applications. Heating, cooling and heat recovery are possibilities offered by these heat exchangers. AeroX is made of flexible, thin-walled PE tubes to ensure maximum heat transfer. The heat exchanger is resistant to a wide range of liquids and aggressive environments, making corrosion a thing of the past.

CNC-Consult & Automation BV


CNC-Consult & Automation BV is since 1995 active in the production market in the Benelux. We optimize your production proces in small stept to make it a SMART Factory bases on the Smart Industry principle. We do this with through the sales and support of software solutions. Our areas are CAD/CAM, CAI, Toolmanagement, Production Data Management, MES and planning software.

Medanco BV


Medanco Rubber & Plastic Solutions produces precision rubber and plastic parts for high tech applications. Not just products, but customized solutions that have a crucial role. We are able to translate your idea, design or problem into a feasible product with if needed very small tolerances in standard or special materials. Medanco is ISO13485 certified and has a clean room according ISO Class 7.

Aluminium Metal Knowledge


Do you want to create optimal design using aluminium?

Do you need to cut short development time and prevent mistakes?

If your answer is yes, Aluminium Metal Knowledge is your guide for optimal aluminium use. Alloy selection, design choices, corrosion prevention, design for manufacturing etc. aluminium will be effectively implemented.

You don’t need all the knowledge, you need to find the best solution.

Aluminium Metal Knowledge is independent and helps you to use aluminium best. Why? Because we believe aluminium will create a better world. Why? Because we all need materials which are available in abundance and can be recycled 100% with low energy consumption.


Do you have an aluminium design challenge? Get in contact

Teesing BV


Teesing – International Total Care Supplier

Since 1952, Teesing is an international supplier of fittings, valves, tubing, systems and assemblies for Industrial applications, Submicron Technology and Alternative Energy in Pneumatic, hydraulics, instrumentation and transport of media. With offices in the Netherlands (ISO certified Headquarter in Rijswijk), USA (New Jersey) China (Beijing), and Taiwan, we are globally active in several high niche markets, such as medical/pharmaceutical, water treatment, automotive, railway, alternative fuels, and the semiconductor.

Our mission is to offer high quality connectivity solutions for all industries, by providing added-value services as flexibility, engineering field support and the emphasis on technical advice.

Complete package

We supply a complete package of products and services you require for your connection applications. Through our specialized knowledge of our products and markets we are capable of responding quickly to all your questions regarding the transport of gases and liquids to your point of use. Thanks to our engineering department we are also capable of delivering customized products and assemblies that are developed to meet the specifications of your critical process demands

GMT Benelux BV


GMT Benelux BV offers solutions for vibration control. We enhance comfort in work and life for people exposed to vibrations. By applying our solutions, production processes become more stable and wear is reduced. We add directly to the competitive advantage and sustainability of our customers. GMT is known for its three foundations: customer specific solutions, industry and application specific solutions and high quality standard solutions.

GMT Benelux BV is well known by trade and industry in the area of vibration dampers and vibration control challenges. GMT “unstresses” customers by fast service, high quality and sustainable management.


Euro-Techniek is a specialist in accurate metal forming and plastic injection molding. In these field of expertise we provide product/process engineering, tool-making, start-up production for qualifying the tooling and the mass-production of components. Unique is the combination and overlapping expertise of these activities under one roof.

We are a technical driven company and are proud of our expertise, knowledge and machinery. Our goal is to work as efficiently and effectively as possible, resulting in high reliability and a low level of complaints. Due to short lines we are able to keep the overhead low. Euro Techniek is certified for ISO-9001, ISO TS16949 (automotive) and ISO13485 (medical). In particular for the medical and high tech industries, we are equipped with cleanroom production facilities.