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Type: Component supplier

Rodriguez GmbH

PRECISION BEARINGS & LINEAR TECHNOLOGY Customer requirements, technical feasibility as well as economic efficiency are the main focus of our work. Together with our customers, we are looking at their demands…
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Exegy develops and produces AeroX heat exchangers for industrial applications. Heating, cooling and heat recovery are possibilities offered by these heat exchangers. AeroX is made of flexible, thin-walled PE tubes…
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CNC-Consult & Automation BV

CNC-Consult & Automation BV is since 1995 active in the production market in the Benelux. We optimize your production proces in small stept to make it a SMART Factory bases…
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Medanco BV

Medanco Rubber & Plastic Solutions produces precision rubber and plastic parts for high tech applications. Not just products, but customized solutions that have a crucial role. We are able to…
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Aluminium Metal Knowledge

Do you want to create optimal design using aluminium? Do you need to cut short development time and prevent mistakes? If your answer is yes, Aluminium Metal Knowledge is your…
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Teesing BV

Teesing – International Total Care Supplier Since 1952, Teesing is an international supplier of fittings, valves, tubing, systems and assemblies for Industrial applications, Submicron Technology and Alternative Energy in Pneumatic,…
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GMT Benelux BV

GMT Benelux is expert op het gebied van trillingsvraagstukken. Het is sinds de oprichting in 1987 ons doel om ongewenste trillingen te verminderen of te voorkomen door middel van innovatieve…
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Euro-Techniek is a specialist in accurate metal forming and plastic injection molding. In these field of expertise we provide product/process engineering, tool-making, start-up production for qualifying the tooling and the…
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KSC Wheel

Why a Knowledge Sharing Centre?

Things are running rather smoothly in the high tech manufacturing industry. Even so, this is no guarantee for the future. Collaboration based on knowledge sharing will brings us the new future.

The KSC is the connector between companies from the design and manufacturing industry, which bundles knowledge in an accessible way to achieve joint growth and collaborations on a trusted basis.

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