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Engineering: Material properties

Manufacturing properties of engineering materials.

The Design of any Machine elements will be started at the Material selection and the study of the (Mechanical) Properties of Materials.

Mechanical Properties of Material are:

  • Elasticity: the ability to deform with respect to the applied load and regain its original shape when the load is removed.
  • Plasticity: the ability of non-reversible deformation with respect to the applied load.
  • Ductility: the ability to deform under tensile stress this is often characterized by the material’s ability to be stretched into a wire.
  • Malleability: the ability to be stretched/deformed/ moulded into a sheet.
  • Stiffness: the ability to resists deformation in response to an applied force.
  • Brittleness: the ability to breaks without signicant deformation/develop cracks with respect to the applied load
  • Hardness: the ability to resist the scratches, marks, and wear & tear when the body subjected to contact with another body.
  • Toughness: the ability to resist the shock loads or impact loads.

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