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Manufacturing processes: PVD Coating

The PVD process (Physical Vapor Deposition) takes place under high vacuum, at a high temperature. The materials like Wolfram, Chromium, Titanium and Aluminium are evaporated on the tooling (for example punches, molds, drills & mills). During the process, some gasses ( like Ar, CH4, N) will be added.


Dekracoat BV

Dekracoat has 25 years of experience in the metal industry and 15 years of specialist experience in PVD coatings. As a result, Dekracoat knows the possibilities and needs of surface…
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Why a Knowledge Sharing Centre?

Things are running rather smoothly in the high tech manufacturing industry. Even so, this is no guarantee for the future. Collaboration based on knowledge sharing will brings us the new future.

The KSC is the connector between companies from the design and manufacturing industry, which bundles knowledge in an accessible way to achieve joint growth and collaborations on a trusted basis.

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