Wilting focuses specifically on the production of high-quality components, assemblies, and assembled components for over thirty years. Wilting positions itself in the high-tech industry in markets such as semiconductors, aerospace, medical systems, and renewable energy. Our customers are European OEMs that compete globally. The high expectations and requirements of those OEMs set, are Wilting’s standard.

Wilting offers non-compromised quality, technology and logistic to increase the competitive edge of it’s customers. Wilting is part of and has access to a network of specialised partners that offer complementary production technologies. Supply and Value Chain Management are key to the added value Wilting offers.

Innovation and growth is embedded in the culture of Wilting. An evolutionary process that has resulted in a top team of above-average levels with a mix of professionalism, pragmatism, and determination.

The above reflects in the way the company organises itself.  The integrated production processes are adjusted to the way of working of the customer. This extra added value has provoked a dynamic, above average growth in recent years. Wilting is now one of the major suppliers of mechanical components and modules for the high-tech industry.



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