NIMA Speciaalwerk BV

NIMA Speciaalwerk BV is the ultimate specialist in fine mechanical machining.  Located in Asten, NIMA Speciaalwerk is in the heart of Europe’s technological knowledge region.

With a modern building, high tech machinery and experienced metal specialists, we certainly contribute to the development of this region. Thanks to the combination of state of the art technological applications and the work our technical professionals deliver, we develop and produce components, products and modules for various (inter)national branches.

The creation of milled components is an extremely wide concept, since it is requested in many branches. NIMA Speciaalwerk is mainly contracted by branches that need a small to medium-sized milling component with high tolerances.

NIMA Speciaalwerk has the ability to mill five axis (bed of 600 mm) and five axis simultaneously (size of 600 x 600 mm). After the milling process, the milling part, if desired, is given a surface treatment to reinforce the product. In this process, we never lose sight of the dimensions of course.

The close collaboration with affiliates Van Eijk Transmissie and HMF Nederland logically results in many interesting and challenging projects within mechanical engineering.