We develop turnkey solutions from concept to realization. You can trust us to solve your challenge for any application where accurate positioning is involved.

Turnkey solutions

We are specialized in project-based engineering in developments where accurate positioning is involved. We add value for our customers by solving their engineering challenges in turnkey projects. For any application in ambient, vacuum or cryogenic environment. For high-tech industry and scientific research.

Expert in the field

We are more than 25 years expert in the field and we master the full skill set to create solutions for accurate positioning applications. Our highly educated and multidisciplinary experts know how and when to implement flexure designs, play-free low hysteresis mechanisms, voice coil and piezo actuators, servomotors and position sensors, simulation techniques, mechatronics, advanced control and so on. Our creativity is only limited by the laws of physics.  Our innovation power is proven by a long list of patents.

Let’s do it!

We have a pragmatic hands-on approach. We are a relatively small and independent and company which makes us flexible in every sense. We work in small and dedicated project teams with direct communication with the customer to work quick and effectively on your application. We don’t design just to meet spec’s, we are committed to solve your positioning challenge!