Iscar Nederland B.V.

Iscar Nederland B.V. is a supplier of high end cutting tools for the metalworking industry. Being part of the global IMC Metalworking Companies group, the vast experience in all types of industry ensures the availability of the latest developments, be it in material-, coating or manufacturing technology. Iscar believes that only state-of-the-art technology can help its customers to achieve the demanding requirements of the end-user. For this reason only, Iscar spends 4% of its revenues on R&D.


With an extensive experience in high-tech industry in the Netherlands, Iscar has developed many different types  of cutting tools, that are specifically suit to do the job of producing very accurate (small) parts in difficult to machine materials.

Specific requirements for the production of high tech components are quality of the cutting tools, reliability and repeatability.

Iscar is proud to supply all the main component suppliers of ASML with its cutting tools.