G.M.I Gereepschapmakerij

What we make
At GMI, we develop and make exceptional tools, molds and parts from high-quality materials. We believe in producing the highest possible quality in everything we do. We combine unparalleled technical expertise, smart innovations and rigorous testing with the latest technology and the highest material specifications.

In addition, we always know how to achieve the desired tolerances with unprecedented precision (accurate to 0.001 mm). From very compact to very voluminous products. In small and large numbers. And deliveries at home and abroad.

G.M.I Gereepschapmakerij
G.M.I Gereepschapmakerij

G.M.I Gereepschapmakerij

Broekhovenseweg 130 P5021 LJ TilburgNederland+31 (0)6 16935589jan.langerwerf@gmi-bv.nlwww.gmi-bv.nl

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  • 100 - 500
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Nationally,

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