CRAFT-Education is an Education institute specialized in knowledge transfer in a working environment and learning by doing. Bringing the theory alive by learning as an expert. CRAFT-Education has four dimensions, high-end knowledge transfer based on efficient learning mechanisms, personal development of craftmanship, company development and specialised learning tools.

The KnowHow method, introduced by CRAFT-Education enables the trainee to learn and think as an expert. This provides a basis for managing constant change and keeping the knowledge and skills up to date. Experts think structurally where to incorporate new technologies and new insights. Therefore, change for an expert is “logical” and builds on existing knowledge.


CRAFT-Education is positioned between the design and the production process. The current and future industry demands quality and at the same time fast delivery at low cost. The bridge, good communication, between the designers and production is more important than ever. Sharing and creating knowledge about processes will help the (future) industry demands.