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Knowledge sharing Evening 12 December 2017

Innovate and collaborate by sharing knowledge.

During this evening we were guests at ‘Van Eijk Transmissie’ in Asten. We would like to thank ‘Van Eijk Transmissie’ for their hospitality and being main contractor of the KSC 002 project.
During the ‘Precision fair 2017’ we invited everybody for this evening. The registrations was huge, fifty people had signed in even more was not possible because of the available space.


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The program of this evening was:


A welcome by Frans van Hoof owner of the ‘Van Hoof group’.

Presentation ‘Van Hoof Groep’.

Evening introduction

Evening introduction by Geert Bukkems of ‘The Peel Pioneers’.

Evening introduction presentation.

Knowledge sharing centre and oZone

Explanation of the Knowledge Sharing Centre by Arno Sprengers and explanation of oZone by Jeroen van de Vorst.

Arno Sprengers (Initiator Knowledge Sharing Centre)

Knowledge Sharing Centre presentation.

Jeroen van de Vorst (Adviseur e-learning a+o metalektro)

oZone presentation.
oZone movie.

KSC 002 project

Explanation of the KSC 002 project by Kevin Sprengers, Roy van Bussel and Frans van Hoof.

KSC 002 movie.

KSC 002 magazine.

Read more about this project.

Kevin Sprengers (Student Fontys)

KSC 002 presentation.

Roy van Bussel (Owner Craft BSP Bookstore and Craft Education)

Presentation knowledge transfer.

Frans van Hoof

Frans van Hoof thanks Kevin Sprengers for his great commitment during this project. Frans describes this project as very valuable for the company.

Knowledge sharing needs from ASML

Knowledge sharing needs from ASML by Frido van der Blij.
Because of illness, Frido was replaced by Christian Liedecke.

Christian Liedecke (Architect ASML EUV WS/ESC/WTC)

“ASML invents, develops, manufactures and services advanced technology for high-tech lithography, metrology and software solutions for the semiconductor industry. This leads to the continuation of Moore’s Law towards ever smaller, cheaper, more powerful and energy efficient microchips.

NXE:3500 is the next generation of EUV lithography tooling. It’s coming with improved performance, more productivity and increased system availability. The NXE:3500 scanner is large, not only in occupied fab volume, but mainly in terms of required development and production resources. For this reason it’s more than ever of substantial importance to have an open minded and close collaboration between ASML and its customers/suppliers.

Lessons learned, created design rules and effective competence management will be used during the product generation process (PGP). Manufacturing competences and capabilities will play an essential part in this. And it’s truly believed that bi-directional knowledge sharing between ASML and suppliers makes partnership more successful, which great benefits on both sides.

ASML can’t do it alone…not ever…certainly not now.

Knowledge and fun will be Moore when sharing it.

By Christian Liedecke”

Start your Grow Engines

Presentation about collaboration by Carl Heskes. (Chairman MKB Eindhoven)

Presentation ‘Sart your Grow engines.



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Why a Knowledge Sharing Centre?

Things are running rather smoothly in the high tech manufacturing industry. Even so, this is no guarantee for the future. Collaboration based on knowledge sharing will brings us the new future.

The KSC is the connector between companies from the design and manufacturing industry, which bundles knowledge in an accessible way to achieve joint growth and collaborations on a trusted basis.

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