Expert Sessions Precision Fair 2018

New during the Precision Fair 2018 are the so-called Expert Sessions. The Expert Sessions are 20-minute round table discussions, where visitors can get in touch with experts about a variety of technical themes. The discussions take place during the day on 14 and 15 November. The discussions are aimed at bringing engineers, developers, constructors and designers directly into contact with specialists in the field of making, in order to make targeted knowledge transfer possible.


Together with the Knowledge Sharing Center, an inventory has been made at a number of large OEMs of challenges and questions that engineers, developers, constructors and designers face.


· Traditional machining

· Precision operations in hard metal

· Application of wear-resistant layers on small parts

· Precision in sheet metal

· Laser cutting

· Laser welding


· Direct metal deposition (DMD)

· Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM)

· Vulcanizing

· Diffusion bonding

· 3D printing titanium / stainless steel

· Tightening moments

· Extrusion

· Cleanliness – cleaning

· Cleanliness – design for

· Editing small ceramic parts

· Additive manufacturing

· Composites

· Coatings



If you feel attracted to one or more of these topics, you can nominate an expert. This can be done by sending an e-mail with the subject and name and contact details of the expert to If your expert is selected you will receive a message from us. Participation is free for experts and visitors. Visitors pre-register for the topics: you know who is sitting at your table. Are you missing a subject? Let us know!