Eddy Allefs

Eddy Allefs (Tech entrepreneur/Sr Business Development Manager)


“complexity of hightech equipment being developed and manufactured in Brainport is increasing,  driven by performance, quality and costs requirements of these products.

On a day to day basis, new manufacturing-, assembly- and testing technologies & processes have to be developed in cocreation with the development of the products themselves.

As in Brainport highly complex parts and assemblies typically are being developed and manufactured by independent specialist companies, cooperation and sharing knowledge in multilevel supply chains is a must. Technical product requirements drive the manufacturers to the limits of what is possible, while time to market requirements are strict to retain the competetiveness of the supplier at the end of the supplychain.

I personally feel the need for  a Knowledge Sharing Centre as a platform for independent companies to strengthen existing cooperations by sharing knowledge. It will facilitate the Brainport cluster as a whole to remain competitive ”