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Discuss collaboration about platform content

We asked 3D SYSTEMS (“formerly LayerWise”) whether they want to join the KSC, the answer was yes. Directly we asked them if it was possible to setup design rules for a designer.

Today we discuss how to come to design rules for additive manufacturing.

People around the table:
Raph Alink from 3DSystems,
Martijn Vanloffelt from 3DSystems,
Ricardo Abdoel from Fontys Eindhoven and
Arno Sprengers from ASML/KnowledgeSharingCentre.

The answer on the question do we need design rules for additive manufacturing was YES.
The next discussion was how do we come to a complete set of design rules. Of course there are already a number of design rules made and with the experience of Layerwise it should be possible to come to a complete set of design rules. We discussed if Fontys could help with setting up these rules. Both parties have agreed to enter into this collaboration to look if they can come up with the needed design rules so we can put them into the Knowledge Sharing Centre platform.

A great initiative, thanks to 3DSystems and Fontys.

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Why a Knowledge Sharing Centre?

Things are running rather smoothly in the high tech manufacturing industry. Even so, this is no guarantee for the future. Collaboration based on knowledge sharing will brings us the new future.

The KSC is the connector between companies from the design and manufacturing industry, which bundles knowledge in an accessible way to achieve joint growth and collaborations on a trusted basis.

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